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在突尼斯舊城區,不知好歹跟陌生人走到一家制毛毯的工廠的頂樓,最後被凹了10 迪納,但美麗而破碎的圖騰地磚,令人驚嘆不己,很美。雖然此時晴天的光線不夠完美,但身處在眺望整個Madina頂樓,每個大街小巷盡收眼底;繽紛可人的地磚與我共同恣意沐浴在溫暖和煦的陽光下,這一切也是蘇丹王、鄂突曼土耳其國王、土耳其國王曾經擁有過的風景,豐饒的曾經,也是豐饒的歷史。

Beautiful city, CIDIBOUSAID

In Sahara desert. I saw the beauty of grand canyon and oasis.

Everything I did, I did for you.

Let me go

I wish I was heading for you
Waiting my cuisine

Hi, my name is bonjour, I love eat & sleep!


Walking the Line with @smaracuja

Follow Nina’s travels on her account @smaracuja on Instagram.

As a travel blogger, Instagrammer Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk (@smaracuja) is never short of great places to take photos.

"My goal is to inspire people to travel more and to see all these beautiful places the world has to offer–to get them excited about places they might never have thought about going before," she says.

With a background in graphic design, Nina looks for straight lines, planes and brutalist architecture with a little pop of color for her feed. As she herself admits, she’s very picky when it comes to her photos.

"I only shoot in daylight, I try to match my shots to the other photos in my gallery (regarding color or look and feel) and I try to vary in subjects and scenes as much as I can so it doesn’t get boring."

Based in Berlin, Nina also takes great inspiration from her surroundings, sharing photos of her local neighbourhood and creating a community through the #igersneukollen hashtag: “I came to Berlin three years ago and it is definitely still my favorite place to shoot. Neukölln is so vibrant and versatile, and you never really walk the same street twice because it’s always changing, whether it’s a new store, new graffiti or a pretty car #soloparking I haven’t seen around before.”

Nina recently travelled to Iceland but she found it difficult to stick to her own rules–although there’s one line she never crosses: “Phone photos only, because I believe that is what Instagram is all about: real time mobile.” Her next trip takes her to Australia over Christmas and New Year so be sure to follow her on Instagram.